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Teaching Experience

Instructor of Record (UNC Chapel Hill)

I have taught the following courses as an Instructor of Record at UNC Chapel Hill:

  • PHIL143 Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Summer 2020 Syllabus

  • PHIL362 Advanced Contemporary Ethical Theory (Moral Responsibility and Blame), Spring 2020 Syllabus

  • PHIL/ENEC368 Environmental Ethics, Fall 2019 Syllabus

  • PHIL210 Ancient Greek Philosophy, Summer 2019 Syllabus

  • PHIL/LING145 Philosophy of Language (Language, Power, and Oppression), Spring 2019 Syllabus 

  • PHIL/WGST275 Feminist Philosophy, Fall 2018 Syllabus

  • PHIL165 Bioethics (Carolina Courses Online), Summer 2018


I am currently teaching the following course as Instructor of Record at UNC Chapel Hill:

  • PHIL213 Asian Philosophy, Spring 2023 Syllabus 

Here are sample course syllabi for:

Teaching Assistant Coordinator (UNC Chapel Hill)

In the academic year 2020-2021, I have served as a Teaching Assistant Coordinator at the Philosophy department at UNC Chapel Hill. My responsibilities included: 

  • Planning and organizing official teaching workshops for all graduate teaching fellows and faculty;

  • Observing recitations of new graduate student teaching assistants; and

  • Facilitating pedagogy discussion groups. 

Supervising (UNC Chapel Hill)

I have supervised the following independent studies, upon student requests, at UNC Chapel Hill:

  • PHIL362H Honors Contract in Philosophy (with 2 students), Spring 2020

  • SPCL395 Special Studies in Philosophy (with 1 student), Fall 2019

Teaching Assistant (UNC Chapel Hill)

I have served as a Teaching Assistant in the following courses at UNC Chapel Hill:

  • Special Topics: Philosophy at the Margins (Mariska Leunissen), Spring 2021

  • Critical Thinking (Ram Neta), Spring 2018

  • Introduction to Ethics (Geoff Sayre-McCord), Fall 2017

Quantitative Student Evaluations (UNC Chapel Hill)

Below are quantitative data sets from the end-of-semester student evaluations for all six courses that I have taught as an Instructor of Record at UNC Chapel Hill. The answers are on a five-point scale, ranging from “(1) Strongly Disagree” to “(5) Strongly Agree”. (During the semesters affected by the COVID- 19 pandemic, UNC Chapel Hill administered a shorter survey with fewer questions. PHIL362 and PHIL143 have some omitted questions as a result.)


Qualitative Student Evaluations (UNC Chapel Hill)

Below are selective qualitative comments from the end-of-semester student evaluations. Full student evaluations (including complete and unedited comments from my students, original files of these evaluations, and teaching testimonials from my former students at UNC Chapel Hill) are available upon request!  

"This class was phenomenal! Minji was passionate about the subject matter and made sure the students understood it to a full extent."


"I really enjoyed this course, and Minji was an excellent teacher. She valued each student, and made sure that everyone felt comfortable not only with the material but also with the classroom environment, with her as a teacher, and with the world outside of class as well."


"Loved the professor. She was one of the most rigorous yet nurturing instructors I have had."

"I cannot say it enough, I loved this course! This is my fourth year and I have NEVER had a professor who cares so much about our success AND that we learn the material."

"She is one of the best teachers I ever had. She loves her students and is always willing to help us. She is very accessible outside of class. She wanted to make everyone feel comfortable."

"One of the best teachers I've had at Carolina. She has thoroughly made this philosophy course enjoyable and one of the best I've taken."

"Minji is the best instructor I've had at Carolina. She is super enthusiastic about the material and does a great job at explaining information and giving different perspectives."

"Minji is a fantastic instructor. She was enthusiastic the entire semester, crystal clear about what was expected of us, and very fair in work evaluation. She did a great job lecturing and guiding discussion, and was extremely willing to listen to every student's opinions. I would take another class taught by her in a heartbeat."

"Wonderful lecturer and well-constructed class. Thank you for an amazing semester of enlightening on everyday issues that occur but no one knows how or feels comfortable addressing."

"Minji is one of the most accommodating professors I have had here at UNC. She acknowledges our unique strengths and strive to make the classroom a comfortable place for us all. Her questions allow us to think critically and consider things we would otherwise not have seen. She seeks our feedback to help her become better, which is a great quality."

"Incredible enthusiasm and knowledge for the material. Minji respected students in a difficult subject and valued everyone's opinions while ensuring everyone understood hard material. The class was well organized, clear, and made a typically hard class more comfortable."

"Minji was an absolutely amazing instructor. She was knowledgeable, inclusive, and wasn't afraid to share her points of view as well. [...] Her main goal for her students obviously was their understanding of the course, not their grades. This played a huge role in my enjoyment, retention, and activity with the coursework."

"Excellent course. I learned so much and so many new and exciting things. This is like a lot of other philosophy classes I've had in that it challenged me to think deeply about complex arguments and topics. The difference in this course, however, was that the topics we went over are extremely relevant to current society and to my current life, and all of my classmates' current lives. The material was so satisfying and engaging because of this."

"Minji is definitely one of my favorite instructors at UNC thus far. I really enjoy her enthusiasm. She is also just an extremely approachable person––I always feel comfortable talking to her and she is very understanding. I appreciate her consistent flexibility throughout the semester in terms of meeting with the students. It is also clear that she genuinely cares about how well she is teaching the material and if her students comprehend the information. She actively tries to instruct in the most effective ways possible. I am extremely grateful of the fact that she truly cares about how her students perform in her class." 

"Minji was one of the most enthusiastic and responsive professors I have had at UNC. She does a wonderful job of making sure everyone is included, and she is always happy answer questions/give feedback or meet outside of class. She is very accommodating to all students and she came to class with a positive and enthusiastic attitude every day– which made it more fun to learn. Overall, she was a wonderful instructor."

"Minji was an exceptional teacher. From the first day of class she showed nothing but the upmost enthusiasm and energy for the material, as well as for teaching it. She was maybe the most organized professor I've ever had, and she took great pains to make sure absolutely everyone in the class was on the same page, and that everyone knew exactly what was expected of them at every level of the class."

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